Somme battlefields
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The department of the Somme is home to a wide variety of international First World War memorials.

Having suffered badly as a result of the Great War, the Somme cannot forget her past and stand by and do nothing, faced with the many conflicts which continue to shake the world.

In the light of this, Somme Tourisme is looking to draw on Remembrance tourism to generate a movement of solidarity towards the countries affected by the present conflicts. As François Bergez, director of Somme Tourisme underlines, “Great War Remembrance in the Somme must serve a humanitarian cause, so that we never forget, and work together to appease suffering in war-torn countries today.”

Ethical finance – ethical tourism

The approach involves raising money from tourists visiting battlefield sites, and sending the funds collected to humanitarian NGOs or those specialised in reconstruction, thereby contributing to bringing peace to war-torn countries. “Somme Tourisme set the wheels in motion and would like to work hand in hand with professionals, associations and elected representatives of the department in the deployment of this charitable cause.”

a strong and sustainable commitment

The history of the Somme and Remembrance tourism clearly lead to the department’s strong and sustainable commitment to humanitarian causes. Our objectives are to: appease suffering, give hope to those populations who are still victims of terrible fighting and to bring a form of peace to warring nations. It is essential to develop this form of tourism that is meaningful, responsible and humanitarian, so as to awaken the younger generations to the cause… “Somme Battlefields for peace is a first step towards a more ethical kind of tourism, one which holds meaning, and leads to positive effects and concrete assistance in humanitarian terms.” Innovative and daring, this course of action shows the Somme to be a destination which stands with those in distress. This project is of social and societal use.

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The Somme Battlefields for Peace partner-collectors

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Committed and supportive, the Somme Battlefields for Peace partner-collectors are involved in remembrance tourism and wish that the memory of the Great War can help the victims of countries currently at war.

Find all our donation boxes at:

  • The Historial of the Great War
  • The Somme 1916 Museum
  • The Underground City of Naours
  • Vignacourt 14-18
  • The P’tit Train of the Haute-Somme
  • Tourist offices: Pays du Coquelicot, Avre Luce Noye, Territoire Nord Picardie,
  • Pays de Parmentier
  • Amiens hotels: Ibis Style Amiens Centre, The Originals Hôtel Amiens Sud,
  • Hôtel Moxy, AK Hôtel Amiens